Monday, June 21, 2010

This Happened to Me (Well, technically Nacho)

When I was dog sitting my friend Ana's White Shepherd, I noticed a strange habit Ana had described to me when I first met Nacho. He was literally obsessed with water.

As much as I tried to get him to stop, Nacho believed that the water was going to up and prance out of his reach. So when he drank, he
drank. Like a freshman at their first college party, he didn't know his limit. And he peed. Oh, did he pee. Accidents, frequent trips out and nighttime whining sessions were all regular for Nacho.

Until now, I didn't know of any other dogs doing this, or why Nacho did it. Finally,
THAT MUTT (another great dog blog) posted an anecdote about it. According to vets, it's dog OCD (unless the dog doesn't usually behave this way -- then it means it might be sick, so take it to the vet immediately). Again, I learn something new every day. Thanks to Lindsay Stordahl for the info.


  1. Luckily I've never had a problem with Ace having accidents. He can sure hold it and man does he pee when he gets outside. I feel bad for him sometimes because he doesn't really ask to go out.

    If anyone is having a similar issue with their dog, make sure to take the dog to the vet to rule out illnesses such as diabetes.

  2. That's lucky that he can hold it -- he sounds like a great dog.

    Thanks for the tips and the story-sharing!

  3. My dog is also obsessed with water. She is so tiny (20lbs) and will literally, not stop drinking if you give her all that she wants, even when it means throwing up. After ruling out a UTI and other problems, we are faced with simply limiting her intake and making sure when she is out and about that she doesn't get into any water (like sprinklers and puddles). One thing that is pretty funny, water is the best "treat" ever, so after a good training session giving her a cup of water makes her EXTREMELY happy and acts as a reward. This probably isn't that great for her relationship with water, but...