Monday, June 21, 2010

Rib-Eye & The Magic Photographer

In a continuation of the last post, here is one of the canine queens of Alibi. This beautiful bloodhound's name is Rib-Eye, and she was as lovable as she looks in this photo. She's generous with the slobbery kisses as well. Err... and just slobber, in general. (Photo by me)

Below, you can see Charlie, the sweet little muffin I used to carry around at work with me -- literally everywhere. This photo was taken by a talented photographer named Elise Sinagra Donahue who photographed the Alibi Puppy Parties with great skill. As you can see, Elise has a knack for capturing the most personality-packed moments. This one pretty much sums up Charlie.

Check out more of Elise Donahue's work at

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