Friday, June 18, 2010

Bubba & Gracie in the Boston Commons

Gracie looking at a squirrel.

Bubba's fantastic face wrinkles.

Bubba's pretty markings.

Gracie eating a treat from her lovely owner's hand.

Happy Bubba!

Bubba sitting down on my lap to get petted.

I had the good fortune of meeting these two delectably slobbery and beautiful creatures in the Commons not one but TWO days in a row. It must have been fate.

If you want to run into Bubba and his sister Gracie in the Boston Commons, just head out on a sunny day and prepare to be overwhelmed with joy. Both are old-breed English bulldogs (mix of English Mastiff, Bulldog, and a few other breeds as I remember).

I'd also like to note that as I was in the middle of asking if 90-pound Bubba believed himself to be a lapdog, he decidedly positioned all 90 pounds of himself in a grand heap on my lap. Photos ensued.

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