Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Boston Commons with Duke, My Favorite Boxer

When I get dog withdrawal (little known fact: my dogs live in California, where I'm from, so I don't have a dog in Boston) I have a relaxing dog day with a friend's pup. Today I spent all day with Duke, a friend's young boxer. Duke is so well-behaved that he gets constant comments on his great temper, and so handsome that he stops women in their tracks to woo over his slobbery jowls.

The only problem Duke really has is his tendency to kiss everything in sight. If he were a human, he'd be a bit of a man-slut. He has no preference -- man or woman, adult or child -- he wants to attack, and by attack I mean give your face and hands a bath.

Needless to say, after being in France for over four months and not seeing Duke, I was ecstatic to see the giant teddy bear. He was just as thrilled to see me. As I kneeled down to say hello, he ran over, pinned me to the ground and slobbered all over my face.

So I smiled, washed my face and took him to the Boston Commons, the Boston Public Gardens and Charles Street. We met tons of other great canines, so posts and photos to come.

Those aren't my legs -- I promise.

Me and Dukey! Note: Despite the look of horror and anxiety that appears to be consuming Duke's face, he was very happy to get a hug from me and tried to lick my nose immediately after this was taken.

Duke sniffs a willow

Duke is Very Curious...

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