Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Hour With Your Dog in Boston

I'm about to do the big reveal: what dog-owning Bostonites really need. Hate those days when you want to relax and grab a drink with friends, but know you'll be seeping guilt from every pore for leaving Lucky home while it's a gorgeous day out in Boston?

I just turned 21, but I discovered dog-lover's heaven at Alibi Bar and Lounge (in the Liberty Hotel in Boston) over a year ago when I was the PR and event planning intern last summer. Alibi had monthly Puppy Parties -- with Alibi Puppy of the Month chosen at each fabulously dog-friendly party -- and I was lucky enough to work at the events.

Each month, the most awesomely-tempered and generally coolest dog was chosen from a pack of panting mutts. Every breed, age and personality of dog rolled through, almost like a canine kegger, but with water and jerky treats instead of beer and potato chips.

At the same time as the dogs were frolicking together, their owners could interact too, while sipping on ice-cold beverages provided by whatever company was sponsoring the Puppy Party that month (for instance, one month the sponsor was Bacardi, so dog owners enjoyed refreshing summer mojitos).

The winner won a prize from a local pet business and its very own Alibi Puppy of the Month mug shot. So adorable was the first winner, a pug with a mug to die for, that I kept a copy of her mug shot and hung it on my door. She looked as guilty as the celebrity shots lining the walls of the used-to-be jail, competing with the likes of Frank Sinatra, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan (safe to say, she's much cuter than Lindsay or Paris).

I think Alibi stopped putting on the Alibi Puppy Parties (called the Dog Days of Summer), but I do know they still welcome dogs on the patio with open arms. I also know that the General Manager is a dog-lover herself, because I used to carry her baby long-haired chihuahua Charlie around with me all day at work.

Check it out for some fun in the sun (or the shade -- there are umbrellas) with your pet and other dog enthusiasts. And I'm willing to bet that if we get enough people who want to re-start the dog parties, it'll happen.

Alibi Bar & Lounge
215 Charles Street
Boston, MA 02114

(857) 241-1144

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