Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Puppy Love

Welcome to the Boston Dog Blog! If you live in Beantown (or not) and have a passion for pooches, you're in the right place. Here I'll share all my dog-related findings, photos and more.

To start out with, I would like to introduce Lucy, the 10-week-old black lab puppy that my friend Luke adopted two days ago. Lucy was saved from a hoarder in Alabama and sent to Boston, where she and her siblings were warmly welcomed into the arms of Bostonian dog lovers. To find out more about this horrible problem that is all too common, check out the Animal Hoarding News & Info blog.

Enjoy Lucy's cuteness. She is so small -- her head is the size of a large potato. Also, sorry for the audio in the second video -- my roommate is commenting on Lucy's owners tan-ness. A little out of context.

Lucy on the car ride home

Lucy's first frolic in the park

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