Sunday, August 1, 2010

Puppy Paparazzi: Lucy the Scottish Terrier, Marty the Toy Poodle & Tupper the Miniature Labridoodle

TRIPLE THREAT!!! I'm gonna be honest. I only stopped this dog walker because of Lucy, the Scottish Terrier. But I ended up loving all three members of this awesome trio.

I've always loved Scottie dogs. I think it dates back to my obsession with Lady & the Tramp when I was a wee lass (had to throw in something classically Scottish there). But since my young love for that Disney film, my love for Scottish Terriers has blossomed into something more: they pretty much look like zambonis. They're like little street sweepers shuffling along the streets, accidentally cleaning the city with their massive beards.

I soon found out that it was fate that I met this particular Scottish Terrier, as I was babysitting Lucy at the time, and this lovely lady's name was also Lucy. They took quite a liking to each other.

But Lucy wasn't the only one. These three pooches complimented each other's personalities so perfectly. Marty was a spunky little Toy Poodle with, thank Dog, no Napoleon Complex. He was energetic but just happy to be a part of the team, really. Tupper, the first Miniature Labridoodle I've ever had the honor of running into, was excessively cute (why do they always have to be so fluffy and irresistible to pet and cuddle?) and suuuuuper excited to meet me. He was even more excited to be a celeb via Puppy Paparazzi, so it took him a minute to calm down enough to get his picture taken. But once he got that shot, he GOT that shot -- he's a model in the making. I just know it.

If you're ever lucky enough to run into these three on the streets of Boston, stop and chat -- it's worth being late to any appointment.


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