Sunday, August 1, 2010

Puppy Paparazzi: Gunny the Bull Terrier


I'm very embarrassed about two things, dear reader.

One: First and foremost, I haven't posted on The Boston Dog Blog in far too long. I'm aware, and I'm really, really sorry. Work has me all tied up and completely drained at the end of the day. I promise to make an effort to post more though! The Boston Dog Blog lives on!!

Two: These are horribly poor quality photos of Gunny, the unusually large Bull Terrier. I was drawn to Gunny (who I spotted right near MGH) because when I was in Paris my greatest joy was heading to the pet store along the Seine that had an adorbs baby Bull Terrier and holding him until the salespeople were literally glaring at me. I fell in love, and Gunny helped calm my withdrawal (after a few months this lovely, expensive baby boy must have been adopted because he was gone. Someone paid over 1000 euros for him!)

Anyway, Gunny was nice and huuuuuge for her breed. She had a good attitude and a chill demeanor to go along with that "life is good" smile.

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