Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Puppy Paparazzi: Sushi the Lhasa Apso/Japanese Chin Mix & Sake the Japanese Chin



Oh, the glory. Pure and underbitten glory. Observe Sushi (the beautiful black and white fluff ball) and Sake, the handsome mahogany and white furball with long, regal locks. Sushi is a Lhasa Apso/Japanese Chin Mix and Sake is a purebred Japanese Chin.

If you haven't noticed by the header dog at the top of The Boston Dog Blog, I have a fervent affinity for traditionally "ugly" dogs. I think they're crazy totally and completely cute and want a dog with an underbite more than anything. I'm also a real sucker for huge, bulgy eyes. So it's really no surprise that when I spotted these two across the Boston Common I practically pranced over like Bambi on a sugar high to pet them.

What I found I was certainly not prepared for: Sushi is an extra-famous celeb dog, because she won Boston's Ugliest Dog six years ago!! Needless to say, I was breathless with excitement, and completely enamored with her magical snaggletoothed smile. Both dogs were very, very excited -- hence the mediocre-quality photos. They were so personable and happy to meet me, they were running around (I really wish I'd snapped a better portrait of Sushi's underbite). My camera screen is also STILL BROKEN. Don't go to Best Buy, you spend $140 on a camera and it breaks two days later... and they won't fix it.

But anyway. Back to the point. Love these pooches, love their names. My favorite food, my favorite type of canine dental arrangement.

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