Thursday, July 1, 2010

Puppy Paparazzi: Scarlett the Corgi Mix

I went to a friend's barbecue the other day to watch the Ghana vs. US World Cup game, and got more than I bargained for: a puppy paparazzi opp.

This beautiful stunner's named was Scarlett, and she was a corgi mix. Both the owner and I agreed that she may have some husky mixed in there, because she's definitely an independent woman.

Scarlett liked to bound around the yard off-leash, and although she stayed close by, she ran the show. Basically this dog was gorgeous but pretty much out of reach to anyone but her owner. You try to pet her, you get a
momentary tail wag if you're lucky (and female). If you're a boy, you can bet on some loud and wary barking. This girl does things on her own terms, and doesn't need any hand-outs.

If Beyoncé were a dog, she'd be Scarlett.

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