Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Puppy Paparazzi: Frankie the Baby French Bulldog




GOOD NEWS!!! Even though I haven't posted in an obscenely long period of time (sorry -- I just started a new job and was in New Hampshire for a few days), here are photos of an adorable baby French bulldog named Frankie (above).

EVEN BETTER NEWS!!! Frankie is up for adoption. Because he's a purebred, there is a cost, but trust me, it's worth it. He is freaking adorable, friendly and likes to give kisses. He also makes the most silly and wuvable googly bulldog eyes I've ever seen on a puppy. If you're interested, please email me at bengalengs@gmail.com and I'll send you his foster mommy's contact information.

I met this little guy at Ritual Arts on Harvard Ave. in Allston, which by the way is a fantastic way to get your animal fix. Toni, the owner, is a true animal lover with a chihuahua and a ton of beautiful black cats who quite honestly may as well be canines. Love Bomb, the giant black fluffy male, loves puppies and likes to lick them when they come into the store to show his affection, and Audra is just so beautiful and chill that even strict "dog people" will fall for her gorgeous green gemstone eyes.

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  1. I see your blog and read it all and enjoyed it too much also the pics you have posted in your blog that are too much cute. I am also looking for Puppies for sale.