Friday, August 30, 2013

The Boston Dog Blog: Stella the Fox Red Lab Puppy

Sooo I've been fluttering around like Paris Hilton's chihuahua all summer, and haven't written as often as I'd like considering I've seen so many furry muffins. I even saw a lovely Brussels Griffon named Layla the other day, which marks the seventh real, live BG I've seen in person. Exciting stuff!

I had to share this little lady, though. My dad visited last weekend, and we went to Newburyport, where we met Stella (below). She was a squirmy, joyous bundle of puppy fat and naturally I wanted to steal her, though I managed to contain myself. Her owner was very friendly and told me all about the rare coloring of the Fox Red Labrador, but all I remember is "something something the English" because I was too focused on Stella's face. If you click on the Labrador Retriever Wikipedia page and scroll down to "Yellow (and similar shades)," you can read the actual history. Or you could just stare at that face.

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