Wednesday, July 31, 2013

The Boston Dog Blog Presents: FedWell!

Hey guys, as you know from the "studying for the GMAT" comments in former posts, I want to go to business school. As you also may have gleaned from my former posts (and my creation of this blog in general), my passion is dogs. I'm also super into healthy, fresh food -- for both dogs and people -- so any company that incorporates both those things makes me as happy as a pup with a tennis ball. That's why I wanted to share this awesome story with you - it's inspirational to me, and the by-product can be beneficial to you and your dog.                                                                                                     
                                                                                                                 Emily's dog Fenway, in all his happy glory   

A few years back, Emily was in the Peace Corps in Africa. While she was there, she adopted a dog (really, who could resist? While studying abroad, my roommate tried to convince me to quit school and move to Ecuador to start a giant puppy orphanage because of all the abandoned dogs -- so sad). Anyway, when Emily returned in 2010, she fed her dog Fenway what his vet recommended (the processed pet food that's prevalent in the homes of pet owners), and was shocked to see his health decline as a result. "He developed allergies, bowel issues and would sometimes refuse to eat for days at a time," Emily recalls.

                      "I'm far too cute for processed food."
Desperate to make her baby healthy again, Emily researched what he was eating and found that it was pretty terrifying; like many dog owners, she had been unknowingly feeding her best friend ingredients that she would never eat herself. She started taking cooking classes and created a formula that was both attractive to, and healthy for, Fenway. To her delight, he became healthy again thanks to the fresh food.

As an MBA student at Babson College, Emily seized the opportunity to help other pet lovers improve their pups' health while creating a business. She lab tested and reworked her recipe until it was shelf-safe and market ready, and her food (available in 5 pound bags) will be in stores by mid-August -- you can find the scrumptious canine munch at local boutiques, online, and at Whole Foods.

Sign up now on the FedWell website to get updates as the official launch date draws near!

Thanks Mams!

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