Wednesday, October 30, 2013

DogVacay on the Boston Dog Blog: Peaches, the Ultimate Boston Icon

When my friends at DogVacay asked me to write about why Boston is the perfect representation of my God-dog Peaches, I knew immediately what I would say. Here it goes:

1. In Boston, you always meet more friends with a waggy tail.

Maybe this is true in every city, but a canine companion in Boston means instant popularity. Whenever I dog-sit Peaches, I meet tons of new people who want to stop and say hello. I can't really blame them (that underbite), but it always surprises me. On St. Patrick's Day, my guy friend babysat the P for 10 minutes while I went into a restaurant to use the bathroom. In his words, "That dog did more work in 10 minutes than I've done in my entire life."

            The best people and puppy magnet
Even better, toting a fat, squishy bulldog (sorry P, we know - you're just big-boned) attracts new doggy friends. Peaches loves other puppies, and the ensuing photo ops and love fests are invaluable. It's a big, happy circle of additional dogs.

2. Rough exteriors aside, Bostonians are just big softies - at the end of the day, nothing is more satisfying than a big hug from Mom.

We may scream like crazies at sports games, but at heart Bostonians are traditional and family-oriented. A lot of that gets lost in the mix of being a Boston sports fan (it's a religion, okay?) and showing off that tough-guy accent. I love walking through Southie and almost getting run over by a big, broey dude in a Bruins jersey - just because he's excited to bubble baby talk at the P.

And let's be real here: Peaches loves her mommy and daddy. While she lives to run Southie all day, she's more than happy to come home to her comfy bed and spend quality family time (lulled by an orchestra of her own snores, of course).

                  Ready to snooze                                           That's Mommy's nose in the corner, and P looking on lovingly

3. In the Bean, style and interests vary by neighborhood. While most of us see "home" as the area we live in, some of us identify with multiple neighborhoods. Peaches? She’s a chameleon.

In Boston, people are proud to represent their neighborhoods. Southie? You're a true-grit Bostonian to the core. You can be found watching the game (well, really all of them) in the nearest bar and enjoying a Harpoon. Peaches would probably live in a bar if she could, although more for the wings than the beer.

Back Bay? You're likely just getting home and setting your briefcase on the table before going to Newbury to sip an espresso martini (okay, so I'm exaggerating the stereotypes here). But hey, some of them ring true. Peaches adores nothing more than a good, long shopping trip on Newbury (but any further than Pinkberry to New'bry Garage and you're pushing it). A girl's legs can only take her so far. Hey, it's exhausting being constantly fawned over.

I could go on and on, because Peaches represents every part of Boston in some way. She knows how to play her cards right whether it's the South or North End, Brighton or Fenway. And that basically boils down to looking toothy and snorting her way down the sidewalk.

The P enjoying a rest after a jaunt
around Castle Island in Southie.

4. With Halloween fast approaching in the ultimate college town, everyone is itching to show off their costume. Peaches avoided the common sexy-girl getup and went straight for the triceratops.

Most thrilled triceratops ever.

Most college girls are dying to show some leg come Halloween. Naturally, freezing temperatures and hoards of drunken frat boys are excellent motivation to put your most beautiful foot forward, and students everywhere are ready to get classy as nearly-naked Wonder Woman.

Ever the rebel, Peaches decided to skip the sexy outfits and go as a triceratops this year. She plans to go with her sorority (which, ironically, is made up only of two male dogs that she walks with in Southie). She's that girl - enough of a lady to smile coyly at the boys (or maybe that's just the teeth?) but laid back enough to hang with the guys and rock a triceratops costume.

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