Saturday, September 11, 2010

Puppy Paparazzi: Little Sleeping Baby on the T

It must be said that I didn't plan on this being my first "I'm baaaaack!!" post. I envisioned something epic, glorious... something that would catapult me back into the blogosphere with a bang. Certainly I wasn't imagining a somewhat blurry photo of a sleeping puppy that you can't even see the face of. But ah, *sigh* this is the way of the crappy broken camera. (Damn you, Fujifilm!!)

Either way, I want you all to understand the painfully adorable nature of this puppy, even though it's difficult to do through this image. She was literally a sleepy, crawly little thing and seemed content just napping on her dad's lap the entire T ride, completely unaware of the hordes of squealing women surrounding her owner to swoon over her cuteness. So, lucky man, here's to you. You have that puppy. And I'm back in the blogging game. Cheers.

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