Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Return of the Woof

Oh dear. So here it is... I haven't written in a year. Who am I? A totally different person. A working woman. But my dog-love has not changed; only my love for French bulldogs has tripled. Wait for endless posts on Frankie, my friend Lindsey's "doughy" Frenchie, who I am in love with but have never actually met (yes, weird, but did you ever really think I was normal?) Dough, of course, means puppy flab.

Most of all I need to gear up and tell you about a wonderful dog boutique and grooming place called Durty Harry's, which I visited recently, meant to write about immediately, and then didn't because I got swept away with work. Stay tuned for the whole article later today.

And in the meantime, any other Frenchie lovers, shout out about your pups. I love pictures of the dough. You know where to reach me:

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